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Just how much of an impact can your print performance really have on your operations as a whole?

You’d be surprised just how beneficial improving your document processes and evaluating the way your team uses print resources can be to your bottom line. In an era where we’re spending more of our budget on technology than ever before, making every cent count is just smart business.

However, that doesn’t mean cutting corners and pinching pennies; it means taking a closer look at just how you’re spending your budget. Once you know, you can improve the way you put both your money and your technology to work for you.

Which is why National Networks is proud to offer Managed Print Services to our clients.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are, in a nutshell, a way to overhaul your print infrastructure, streamline your workflows and processes, and reduce the number of resources, time, and money wasted with regards to printing. By taking a managed approach to your print environment, you become more aware of where the flaws are in your processes and policies. You can find those trouble spots in your network and see where employees are wasting time, even when it’s not intentional.

In short, the purpose of managed print services is to make your print environment more reliable, your print processes more efficient, and your staff less wasteful.

How Can Managed Print Services Improve Productivity?

Think about how your office is set up. Do your employees have easy access to a printer? Is your communal printer in a high-traffic area that sometimes interferes with other tasks? Do your employees frequently have to call tech support to get re-connected to a printer?

You probably said yes to at least one of these questions. Most likely that last one. So now, think about how much time that wastes each day, week, and month. And, this isn’t just happening to one employee, but to all of them. At any given moment, someone is cursing the Printer Gods somewhere in your office. That downtime and frustration is a serious productivity killer. Eliminating those issues with MPS gives your team back that lost time.

How Can Managed Print Services Improve Security?

This is particularly relevant to those who work in heavily regulated industries and must frequently process sensitive and personal data. Say, for example, you run a busy medical clinic. Your staff is constantly printing off prescriptions, referrals, and copies of test results to give to patients on top of the documentation your nurses, technicians, and physicians need.

If your printer is located somewhere that is accessible to anyone who enters your office, what’s stopping someone from walking off with a stack of papers sitting in the print tray? Hello HIPAA violation!

Managed print services play into the HIPAA Security Rules by helping you establish access control to printed documents. Even if an employee has to walk all the way across the office to get to a printer, there should be a keycard or similar safeguard in place that prevents the document from actually printing until the employee is physically at the printer.

How Can Managed Print Services Reduce Costs?

I’m so glad you asked! If you take a closer look at your annual budget, you’ll be shocked by how much you’re spending just on printing alone. Between unexpected repairs, replacing drums and toner cartridges, and keeping the office stocked with paper, the costs add up fast.

MPS can eliminate one of these expenses and reduce the others. Repairs are part of your monthly service fee, so you’ll never have to pay a huge service bill when something breaks down. Most MPS providers can even help you get a great deal on new print hardware if and when things need to be upgraded or replaced. And by giving you more control over when and how print resources are used, you won’t need to buy toner or paper as often.

As an unexpected bonus, by either upgrading to more energy-efficient hardware, reducing the amount of time hardware is left running when not in use, or both, you’ll notice a nice little decrease on your monthly power bill. It’s like you’re being rewarded for reducing your carbon footprint.

How Can Managed Print Services Fix Connectivity Issues?

More often than not, the reason your printers seem to be so darn finicky is that they’re not set up efficiently or correctly. If you or your staff hooked up the hardware, even if you followed the instructions to the letter and seem to have things running smoothly, you only did half the job.

A networked printer needs to be carefully configured to avoid connectivity issues, slow processing times, and even interference with other parts of your network. By having an MPS provider install your hardware and configure your print environment, those little frustrations will disappear.

Ready to put Managed Print Services to work for you? Contact National Networks!

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Published on 20th August 2018 by Shawn Maggio