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Your business is more than just people. It’s your phone, your internet, your fax machine, and your printer – all working together.

Connect your technology seamlessly with cabling that has been professionally planned and installed – giving your team the reliability and speed that you need!

If your business has been around a while, it’s likely that your cabling is way past its “best before” date. Even if it was originally installed by a qualified professional, chances are that the cabling is outdated and that later additions to the network of cables have reduced efficiency and speed.

At the least, it’s time for a cabling check up.

At the worst, you’ve got a cabling nightmare that is slowing down your business and costing you real money.

Either way, the National Networks cabling professionals are more than capable of getting your cabling issues sorted and giving your business the kind of connectivity that it deserves.

Keeping things running at optimum efficiency requires more than just the right parts.

It requires that each of those parts work together, without interruption. But without the right cabling in place, you find yourself frustrated – just trying to get your day’s work done.

National Networks does cabling projects right the first time, installing the cables that connect your internal IT hardware, telecom, and data networks – so information can be transmitted throughout your facility efficiently and without roadblocks.

Does your storage closet look like a rat’s nest of tangled wires?

Our team will design and build a network cabling infrastructure for your business that will increase your communications without making a mess of your storage closet.

Have an existing tangled web of networking wires that need to be tamed?

By the time we are done, your network closet will be transformed!

We will remove the cables that don’t need to be there and organize and label the others for maximum efficiency.

Structured Cabling Services

Documentation and Testing

We ensure that the cabling for your voice or data networks is properly tested and the labeling of the jacks and patch panels is done correctly. We pride ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship – leveraging your cabling to meet your specific business needs. 

Computer Network Cabling

Keeping all your computers connected is the BIG job of your cabling system. We make sure that your cabling is up to the job by getting it right the first time with careful planning, skilled deployment, and critical testing. Our cabling solutions deliver optimal network performance and stability.

Structured Cabling

A properly structured cabling project runs off a future-proof design and infrastructure mapping.  This design and infrastructure mapping is prepared before the implementation of a cabling project. We take this initial phase very seriously – intentionally going over every detail of your needs and your facility’s requirements to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Our Credentials

Just because someone knows how to drill a hole in the wall and fish a cable through from your network hub to your computer terminal doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

In fact, they could very well be doing more harm than good.

Our networking technicians are backed by our hard-earned credentials.

Data Cabling Services

Gain reliability, manageability, and scalability in your communications.

Contact the National Networks team now and get the cabling expertise that your business needs! (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440 or support@nationalnetworks.com