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Protect Your Business – Meet Compliance Standards

Small to mid-size companies like yours are frequent victims of cyber attacks. Why? They are easier targets than corporations who have fortified their online assets. The National Networks team is dedicated to securing our client’s sensitive data and confidential client information. We implement and optimize the right hardware and software and apply rigorous maintenance and monitoring protocols.

We’re here to help ensure that your information technology is at its best, that you have no vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal could exploit, and that you remain compliant with regulation and legislation. It’s not a cookie-cutter service; we analyze YOUR business and make sure YOU have the right tools for your defense.

Close the Open Doors – Dealing with Vulnerabilities

We’ve got to be ruthless and look for any weak points in your defenses. It means targeting your business like a hacker and discovering where the gaps are in your IT security. We’ll look for aging technologies, missed steps, broken systems, and overlooked vulnerabilities.

Build a Wall – Improving Defenses

  • We’ll eliminate the loopholes and weaknesses that could have been exploited.
  • We’ll install the proper updates and upgrades to remove backdoors.
  • We’ll ensure you’re using the right anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewalls.
  • We’ll introduce scanning capabilities to check your systems constantly for signs of trouble.

Stand on Guard – Staying Safe

IT Security never ends. It’s not a static process. We stay on top of your systems and the ever-changing world of technology, so we’re always prepared to keep your business secure.  24/7 remote monitoring and constant maintenance allow us to keep ahead of threats.

Keep IT Legal – Meeting Compliance Standards

Compliance is all about preserving the privacy of your customer base. We know that is important to you! We will help you keep in line with industry guidelines and legislative mandates. We work daily with highly-regulated industry verticals.

You can rest assured knowing your business is protected.

  • IT Security Lake Charles

    Email Protection to prevent spam and viruses from reaching your network or your inbox.

  • Email Archiving to securely store and archive all email communications for compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Lake Charles IT Security
  • IT Security Nederland, TX

    Web Filtering to block malicious or inappropriate web content while enhancing employee productivity.

  • Managed Firewall to configure, maintain, and monitor your firewall for the purpose of blocking malicious traffic..

    Cybersecurity Nederland, TX
  • Cybersecurity Lake Charles

    Intrusion Protection to utilize a virtual patch applied to your network, which is monitored and maintained to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Wireless Information Security to determine and implement the most secure wireless setup for your business.

    Wireless Information Security Lake Charles
  • Network Security Lake Charles

    Vulnerability Analysis to pinpoint the weak spots in your network through regular vulnerability analyses performed on an ongoing basis.

Let’s get started. Call us at (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440 or send an email to support@nationalnetworks.com to find out more.