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Over the past few years, oil and gas technologies have exploded.

Control systems, drilling technologies, and remote sensors each deliver millions of points of data that must be securely stored and easily accessed, categorized, analyzed, and displayed.

The National Networks team has invested heavily into gaining an understanding of these industry-specific systems.


Because companies like yours need IT support that “gets” the processes and workflows that are unique to the oil and gas industry. Without this special insight, an IT support company is likely to either give you advice that doesn’t fit your business or worse, deliver IT strategies that hamper your efforts to grow your business.

You see

Business technology has the capability to help you launch your business toward the next plateau of growth. But in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand how the industry works, IT can be a weight that you have to drag along behind you.

Having the right computer support team is critical for your employee’s productivity and efficiency.

Your operations run 24/7/365.

You can’t afford downtime.

We get it.

And we’ll deliver on our promise to give you 99.999% uptime in the home office and in the field.

What services does National Networks leverage to support the success of oil and gas businesses like yours? Here are a few.

  • IT Assessment and Strategy – getting started right
  • Cyber Security – protecting your investment
  • Data Backup and Recovery – guarding your essential information
  • Business Continuity – preparing for the unexpected
  • Productivity Optimization – using best practices
  • Mobile Device Management – utilizing safe mobile strategies

The National Networks team delivers true business benefits that allow you to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly between the field and home office
  • Archive and retrieve data quickly and safely
  • Satisfy legislative compliance requirements
  • Optimize IT systems for high productivity
  • Equip a mobile workforce for maximum efficiency
  • Integrate disparate systems and applications

By partnering with National Networks for your oil and gas company’s IT support requirements, you can keep your staff on task – instead of dealing with constant updates, upgrades, backups, and breakdowns.

Already have an internal IT team?

Great! — We love working with other technology professionals!

And internal IT teams love working with our employees.

We will integrate with your internal team – finding ways that we can free them up from tedious tasks that can easily be outsourced. This allows your internal IT staff the free time to deal with your internal IT help requests and broader projects that support the growth goals of the company.

National Networks believes that integrity is to be a way of life.

We endeavor to conduct business and support companies like yours adhering to the highest standards of the oil and gas industry.

But more than that, we want to treat you in a way that reflects well on our company, our families, and our communities.

The concept of integrity drives us to be the best that we can be and to deliver services that truly make a difference to you and your employees.

Ready to meet the team?

Let’s get started! Contact us now at (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440 or support@nationalnetworks.com