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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone out there created a smart device that could control all your other smart devices? This way, you wouldn’t have to search for your phone every time you wanted to turn on a light and you wouldn’t be forced to hand over your Wi-Fi information every time your friends wanted to find something to watch on your Roku.

All anyone would ever have to do is pick up the remote.

Well, now… this is a possibility.

Say hello to Smart Remote.

Instantly Adaptable

Smart Remote doesn’t mess around. It can adapt to any device that operates via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Infrared. All you have to do is point at a smart gadget.

Device Carousel

But what happens if you point at a device that’s right next to another smart device? Don’t worry. Smart Remote has you covered. This remote comes equipped with a device carousel. Point at a smart lamp that also happens to be next to a smart TV and use the device carousel to swipe to the appropriate gadget.

25,000 Devices & Counting

If you have a smart device, odds are it works with Smart Remote. Right now, Sevenhugs (the company behind Smart Remote) works with the majority of smart gadget manufactures, and they’re actively working towards acquiring more capabilities and more devices.

Intuitive Interface

This device takes an entirely modern approach to the word “remote.” It’s like an app within a remote. When you point at a device, the touch-enabled interface will adjust to make sense with the device’s core purpose. For example, if you pointed the remote at your thermostat, the temperature will appear on the remote’s screen and you’ll have the option to drag the temperature up or down.

Directional Pointing

This remote isn’t just limited to the smart gadgets you have in your home. You could also check the weather with it or even order an Uber. To do something like that, all you’ll need to do is customize your pointing. For example, if you point the remote at your door, it will ask if you want to order an Uber. Or if you point the remote at your window, it will display the weather.

Custom Groupings

With Smart Remote, you can establish custom groups. For example, if you want all the lights to turn on at the same time, you can create this option within the app. Once established, point at a light and you’ll have the choice to select the custom-created group inside the carousel. It also gives you the ability to organize custom scenes. For example, you could set it up so that the lights are dimmed to a specific setting when you turn on a movie.

Unfortunately, Smart Remote is only available for pre-order. You can purchase the Smart Remote starter kit for $229 and expect to see it in late August.