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How Can You Take Advantage Before It’s Too Late?

Many users don’t realize that Windows 7 will soon go into the Sunset of its Life and that means it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10. In addition to that, the IRS 179 Tax Deduction will end on December 31st when you factor in the fact that the Chinese tariffs will rise to 25 percent in January of 2019, that makes this the best time to make purchases for your businesses.

All support for the wildly popular Windows 7 operating system will end on January 14, 2020. With all the hacking and malware, it’s just not safe to use any outdated software. Though users loved Windows 7, there will be no more bug fixes or security patches unless you’re willing to pay Big Bucks. Most IT experts are recommending that users switch and update to Windows 10.

Why Switch to Windows 10?

An older operating system may not support newer hardware like new printers and scanners. If you have the latest software programs, there may be conflicts with those programs. Windows 10 comes with a much stronger malware and firewall program. Microsoft has built these right in so they’re part of the program. They’ve improved this new operating system a great deal over past products. Other benefits include:

  • Makes computers run smoother and faster
  • Provides a more economical use of memory and disk space
  • Computer boots up faster
  • Pages load faster with a better web surfing experience

Why This Is A Great Time to Upgrade

There are several reasons why this is the best time to upgrade your operating system. Right now, you can take advantage of the 179 Tax Deduction. It’s only good till December 31, 2018, so there’s not much time. The government is offering small business owners a chance to make those big purchases on technology, equipment, hardware, electronics and other machinery that could benefit your business.

To take advantage of Section 179 of IRS tax law, all you need to do is purchase the equipment and put it into service by midnight 12.31.2018. This deduction applies to specific assets acquired in one year and allows the business owner to depreciate the equipment over a more extended period. The IRS 179 Deduction helps small business owners lessen their taxable income, thereby saving money.

With the sunset of Windows 7 coming up soon, that makes this a great time to go ahead and upgrade.

President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports have U.S. businesses and consumers worried about higher prices for the tech products they need.

Another factor that will affect American business owners is the Chinese tariffs imposed by Donald Trump. In January of 2019, these tariffs will rise from 10 percent to 25 percent. They affect thousands of items from electronics to fabrics. This list of affected products includes so many products we all use on a daily basis, including anything currently imported from China:

  • Steel, aluminum, other metals
  • Fish and meat
  • Fabrics and leather
  • Onions, garlic, leeks
  • Numerous vegetables
  • Nuts and fruit
  • Tobacco and cigars
  • Minerals

The list is long and includes countless items that business owners might use or incorporate into their work or manufacturing process.

Business Owners Will Pay More

Economists agree that it will be difficult to nail down the effects on the manufacturing sector and small businesses. But the bottom line is that next year, you could pay 25 percent more for everyday items you use in your home and office. Simple things like servers, printers, scanners, computer, modems and other electronics will cost more. So that makes this the optimal time to buy whether you want to upgrade your operating system or buy new computer equipment.

For business owners, if you need to replace any old, outdated equipment, you could take advantage of the 179 tax deduction and the lower prices right now. If your computers are over four years old, you could benefit from purchasing new ones that come with the Windows 10 operating system already installed. This would save both time and money.

Do You Have Questions About Purchasing New Equipment or Upgrading To Windows 10?

The technology gurus at National Networks can help. As your IT service company, we may be able to get dealer discounts so you can save even more money. If you’re looking for new computers or servers, we’ll be happy to make recommendations based on your business needs.

National Networks serves Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas with professional managed IT services. For your convenience, we have offices in both Lake Charles, Louisiana and Nederland Texas. Contact us at (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440.

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Published on 11th December 2018 by Shawn Maggio