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For those of us living in the deep south, ice skating isn’t a massively popular winter pastime. But the further north you travel in our country, the more you see people trucking to the ice rink every week for figure skating, hockey, and community skates. If there’s no ice rink nearby, the closest frozen pond or swamp will do just fine.

Something we don’t normally find here in Louisiana and Texas 🙂

But anyone who lived up north and who has laced up a pair of skates will tell you that the ice surface has a lot to do with the ease of skating and their enjoyment of the sport. If the ice surface is smooth, the skaters can glide along with the grace of an Olympic figure skater. Well…almost. But if the ice is rough or cracked, then skating becomes more work, some of the enjoyment is lost, and there are more falls, bumps, and bruises.

What does skating and ice condition have to do with business computer services in Lake Charles, Louisiana or Nederland, Texas?

A lot!


  1. Ice Skaters – Especially On A Lake Or Pond – Expect That The Ice Will Hold Them Up.

If the ice gives way, everyone on the lake is at risk.

When you go into your business tomorrow, you expect that your computers, servers, network, WiFi, and cloud assets are going to work. It is this business technology infrastructure that supports your workflow and allows you to get your work done in a day. So, when you walk through the door in the morning and flip the “ON” switch, you expect that the technology is going to do its job in undergirding your efforts.

But what if it doesn’t? What if cracks appear and you begin to have a sinking feeling that the IT “ice” is giving out underneath you? What then? When your IT environment fails you, your business faces expensive and sometimes catastrophic downtime – risking your productivity, your profit, your reputation, and your business investment.

  1. Ice Maintenance Matters!

Keeping a smooth ice surface is not a simple task. If you’re skating on a pond or lake, it often means shoveling snow off the ice surface. This usually adds up to an hour of shoveling just to have an hour’s worth of skating fun before everyone is frozen and ready to go inside for hot chocolate!

But that’s just for fun.

The people that are serious about figure skating and hockey have backyard ice rinks and go to indoor rinks where the maintenance process is time-consuming, energy-intensive, and costly. Millions of dollars are spent each winter just to keep backyard rinks in skating condition, and when we move into the professional arenas, that figure skyrockets.

So, you don’t need a Zamboni for your company’s IT maintenance, but you do need continual maintenance for your IT environment.


Because a business computer services company that offers holistic, proactive IT maintenance will ensure that there are no speed bumps or cracks in your business technology that will slow down your workflow.

You want to be able to “skate” through your day – using your computers, but not having to think about how they are working. You want to have an enjoyable user experience, but that is only possible with regular IT maintenance.

  1. Have the Ambulance on Standby

It’s inevitable in all the ice skating sports…someone is eventually going to get hurt. Risk is part of the game. It’s just the way it is. That’s why parents go down to the pond and sit in the cold to watch their kids skate. They know that there is a risk, and they want to be there to respond.

When the level of professionalism is brought up a notch, amateur and professional ice sports alike have written protocols of who will respond to an incident at the arena and how it will be handled on and off the ice.

Your organization is no different. You look to a business computer services company to be there to respond quickly to your questions and emergencies. Without someone “on call,” your employees are left floundering like Bambi on ice when something goes wrong, and productivity comes to a grinding halt.

Contracting with a managed services company provides your business with the help desk, security, and operational monitoring you require to do business on the thin ice of the internet.

  1. If You Want To Get Better At Skating, Get A Coach

Figure skating and ice hockey coaches have a lot in common with IT consultants. Their task is to make the team faster, more agile, and more efficient. In short, their job is to do everything within the rules to help the team win. That’s exactly what an IT consultant is supposed to do.

Whether they realize it or not, companies looking for business computer services in Lake Charles, Louisiana or Nederland, Texas are really searching for a technology coach that will help them:

  • Improve productivity
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Discover and utilize new technologies
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Remediate security gaps
  • Maximize IT budget
  1. Avoid A Meltdown At All Costs.

From time to time every athlete and every business has “one of those days.”

You know, the kind of day where everything seems to melt down and nothing goes right.

For the figure skater or a hockey team, an ice meltdown means that they won’t be able to compete. After all, skates and slush don’t work well together.

For your business it’s different. Without a business computer services company working behind the scenes to keep your foundational technology working flawlessly, a meltdown is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time.

By partnering with a company like National Networks for to be your outsourced IT support team, you have access to services like these that will help you stay productive and avoid a technology meltdown.

You can make the most of your business technology by bringing in business computer services experts that will migrate, integrate, manage, protect, and monitor your business technology systems for optimal performance.

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Published on 1st March 2018 by Shawn Maggio