• LA: (337) 474-4249 TX: (409) 724-0440
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana 2950 Country Club Lake Charles, LA 70605
  • Nederland, Texas 2909 Spurlock Rd Nederland, TX 77627

I’m the Residential Manager at National Networks.  I’ve only been working here for 2 years, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.  Why?  The people—My boss and coworkers are the best. We all work well together in so many ways, and the ones who benefit the most are our clients.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart; we have 2 daughters ages 16 and 12; I’m a dog lover, and soccer is my favorite sport.

In my spare time, I’m a soccer referee; I love building PCs, and playing PC games, especially Dungeons and Dragons!

More trivia about me:

  • The fictional character I relate to best is Wart from Disney’s Sword in the Stone.
  • If I had to listen to the same song forever it would be “Unforgiven II” by Metallica.
  • If I could have a superpower, it would be to have 100% control of my brain at all times.
  • If I could choose anywhere in the world to travel, I’d go to Japan.
  • As a child, I wanted to be a train engineer.
  • My favorite foods? jambalaya and chocolate
  • What electronic device can I not live without? My Gaming PC.

My Words of Wisdom?

Back up your data!  I recommend using one of the clouds offered.

Published on 12th March 2018 by Shawn Maggio