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Our very own Shawn Maggio was recently the subject of Developing Lake Charles’ Monthly Entrepreneur Profile.

The National Networks team is proud to share that our very own co-founder Shawn Maggio was recently the subject of the Developing Lake Charles’ monthly Entrepreneur Profile. As a part of the profile, Shawn shared his story, explaining how he got involved in IT and came to run a successful business like National Networks.

In the feature, Shawn starts by explaining how it was his father who got him interested in IT in the first place. His father was a retired air force major, who followed his service by taking up software development as a trade. As his father would develop and sell software to local businesses, it was up to Shawn to install that software at the customers’ locations.

It was in doing this work that Shawn realized something very important – these people needed more than software. They needed help. Everywhere Shawn went to install his father’s developed software, he saw that the businesses using that software were in dire need of help to get their computers and networks running properly. In many cases, their IT environments were in such disrepair that the software they had paid for by Shawn’s father wouldn’t even run properly.

It was this realization that led Shawn and his parents to consider how many more people must be out there in their area in need of expert IT support and assistance. So, in 1998, they moved out of the company for which Shawn’s father had been developing software, moved into new office space, and started National Networks.

At his core, Shawn is a problem solver. He often gets asked which aspect of the IT industry is his passion; whether it’s computers, or networking, etc. The truth? It’s solving people’s problems. He enjoys it because it’s a challenge – you either win or you lose, no in between. If you can’t solve it, you fail, and if you solve it, you succeed. What’s more, Shawn understands that if he can’t solve it, then the customer will go somewhere else, to someone who can solve it for them.

That’s one of the key reasons why Shawn stays in the day to day business, even now, twenty years after National Networks first opened its doors and started helping people solve their computer problems. Whereas other people in his position would likely distance themselves from the nitty-gritty, daily work, Shawn still helps out people who come to him with a computer, networking, and other technical problems, because he still likes helping to solve them.

One of the main reasons why National Networks has lasted, and furthermore, thrived, for two decades now is because Shawn and the team are still working hard to win and keep their valued clients. Shawn recognizes that this is a challenge every day – the National Networks team has to know what makes them better than the other options. To know why a client would choose them rather than someone else.

Shawn understands that, at the end of the day, technology is just a tool, and so, he and the National Networks team have to ensure that they’re equipping clients with the best possible tool for their needs. That means that when the client needs the Internet – it works. When they need to do their payroll – it works. When they need to email someone – it works. It’s this kind of simplicity that really makes a difference in service quality.

What drives Shawn is that, really, both he and the client want exactly the same thing – they want the client’s technology to work properly, every time. So, if Shawn can work with a client, increase their efficiency, increase their productivity, and boost their bottom line, then he’s done his job. That’s why he gets up every day – because helping the client is a problem that he wants to solve.

Shawn is a big believer in National Networks’ core value and mission statement, which is to “wow” the client in every interaction. It’s all about the people for Shawn and National Networks – the technology comes second. If he can create a process with the technology that allows the client to grow, to increase the efficiency of their processes, increase the productivity of their people, and therefore, increase their profit, then Shawn knows that he’s done his job.

Every month, Developing Lake Charles features another local business-leader in their monthly Entrepreneur Profile. The National Networks team is proud to have had our co-founder Shawn Maggio be the subject of the feature for April.

For more information about Shawn Maggio and National Networks, and the many valuable services we provide to our ever growing network of clients, get in touch with us right away at (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440 or support@nationalnetworks.com.

Published on 15th May 2018 by Shawn Maggio