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Allan owns a small business and he knows that he and his staff must stay focused on business operations, not technology. Allan can’t afford to devote his managerial resources to overseeing IT. Instead, he must stay 100% focused on the things that matter. For this reason, Allan and his team depend on us for all their business technology needs.

Allan discovered a long time ago that outsourcing business technology service and support to an IT Managed Services Provider would be well worth the investment — and it has — from controlled IT costs and reduced downtime, to advanced technology planning. For the upcoming year, he needs us to focus on these three areas:

  1. A comprehensive computer/network security solution, and to educate his staff members on the latest cyber threats out in the wild today. Cybersecurity goes beyond a simple firewall, virus software, or spam filtering. Allan knows that his business requires a comprehensive security solution to protect it from today’s sophisticated cyber threats – and that humans are involved in nearly 100% of all attacks. Negligent employees are the number-one cause of data breaches in small and medium-sized businesses. He’s asked us to conduct ongoing Cybersecurity Awareness Training for all of his employees to help them recognize and know what to do when they come across phishing emails and ransomware threats.
  2. Allan believes that 2018 is a great time to retire his old computer systems, servers, and software solutions, and move them to the Cloud. 2018 has just begun, and businesses are already increasing their cloud budgets and decreasing hardware budgets. The Cloud provides benefits like financial savings and increased workplace productivity. Plus, files stored in reliable cloud services are some of the most secure files you can have. They’re stored in hard drives on machines in remote, physically secure data centers. As long as you secure your passwords, only you can access those files. They are much more secure than housing your data on local machines and servers.
  3. We live in an age of mobility. Just look around – more people are doing business on their smartphones than ever before. Alan wants to give his staff the ability to work on their personal devices. He knows that this will increase efficiency and productivity across his entire organization. A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution will:
  • Remotely locate and lock a stolen device.
  • Wipe business data from a personal device if necessary.
  • Continuously monitor and manage employees’ mobile devices.
  • Implement secure passcode policies.
  • Enforce encryption policies.

With an MDM solution, Allan’s employees can safely exchange emails, collaborate on documents, and use line-of-business applications without having to worry about lost, stolen or compromised data.

These are Allan’s three IT priorities for 2018. What are yours?

In our highly digitized world, the first place to start is to ensure that your company has the technological framework needed to adapt and make changes in the year to come.

The right technology solutions will act as a launching pad for your company. With them, you can boost your business productivity, efficiency, and security.

According to CIO Magazine, data security and privacy will continue to be center-stage. The disastrous ramifications of data breaches cannot be overstated. 2018 will bring huge changes when it comes to cybersecurity. Sophisticated threat-detection capabilities will be embedded into platforms, with end-to-end managed security infrastructures for the network. Predictive analytics will assess potential risks and help us harness intelligence from data that moves along a network to ensure it remains secure.

Software-defined everything (SDE), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are in the process of going mainstream. The challenges for businesses will be how to integrate these into overall IT infrastructures so that they don’t overwhelm the network. If IT infrastructures aren’t managed and maintained adequately, they won’t be able to handle all the connected devices, and the result will be increased security risks, slowdowns, and downtime.

Consistent and reliable digital collaboration is a requirement for today’s growing businesses. Employees need to be able to seamlessly access calendar data, shared documents, and call scheduling across numerous platforms. Businesses will need to provide a reliable and consistent multi-channel user experience to improve productivity and staff satisfaction. If employees have to rely on different collaboration tools like instant messaging to real-time video conferencing, there’s a real risk of fragmentation and confusion. For a cohesive and secure collaborative experience, businesses must work to consolidate and standardize the applications and technologies their employees use.

There’s also a growing need for businesses to use applications that are managed in real time. Business owners are finally exploring how they can benefit from using virtualized network services. With thousands of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions now in use, companies are making the most of their bandwidth and benefitting from increased security, agility and flexibility. This practice promotes more reliable consumption of cloud services, performance management, and security of applications. All of this is managed in real time which is critical in today’s complex IT environment.

The ultimate goal will be simplicity – business success is increasingly about separating out “core versus chore”. Just like Allan knows he must use his capabilities and time to grow his business, other business owners are doing the same and leaving IT management up to the experts. Even small businesses should outsource their IT chores to a Managed Services Provider. Successful organizations can focus on delivering key business outcomes by relying on IT professionals to help them find the most appropriate technologies for their unique requirements. Only by using the right IT solutions can a business improve performance, increase employee efficiency, and start on the path toward better business results.

Do you need help defining your Business IT Needs for 2018? The team at National Networks can help. Contact us at (337) 474-4249 or (409) 724-0440 or support@nationalnetworks.com for a complimentary technology assessment and review to get your business on the right path.

Published on 7th March 2018 by Shawn Maggio