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With so many great choices today, it can be hard to sift through the hype and learn what you need to know when it comes to software for your law firm. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to outline the best features of three of the most popular practice management software programs.


Tabs3 was specifically developed for law firms so it does have an intuitive interface that attorneys will appreciate. You can use it to invoice and receive payments quickly, reconcile bank statements, and manage trust accounts. In addition, it integrates well with other software you may be using.

Matter Manager

The Matter Manager displays a timeline of activity for any matter including client information. You can view all information pertaining to any case such as fees, notes, emails, documents, appointments, costs, and more. If you need to see whether a client has paid their bill, it’s easy to take a quick look at what’s been billed, paid, and the balance of the client’s trust account


Timekeeping and billing can be performed from your desktop so it’s easy to stay on top of your billable hours. Tabs3 can be paired with specific add-ons that work with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) for safe transmission of electronic data so you can remain compliant.

Fully Customizable

Tabs3 is fully customizable so you can set it up to work the way your attorneys need it to. It works well for partnerships or solo practices. You can use this program in many ways – to invoice, reconcile bank statements, process payments, and manage client trust accounts. It integrates fairly well it with other software you use, such as Office 365.

Tabs3 has been used in law firms for over 40 years. According to Tabs3, their clients are so satisfied that 9 out of 10 of them recommend it to other firms. Plus, their customers have a 96% + satisfaction rating for Tabs3’s customer support.


Worldox is a popular document and email management application used by thousands of law firms. It works on the premise that content must be well-organized in order to be truly helpful. You can easily access, manage, share, and store your digital files from clients and associates. Worldox is easy to customize so it meets your firm’s unique needs.

Worldox offers a number of helpful features including:

  • Document history tools to audit a document’s version history and make sure you’re using the latest version.
  • Access control tools so specific staff members can collaborate on a single document.
  • Library service tools to organize and improve the way you catalog, retrieve and save files.
  • Archiving tools to prioritize storage based on the documents you use most.
  • Document viewing tools to see what content they include even if you don’t have the program they were created in on your system.
  • Full-Text retrieval tools to search based on concepts as well as categories.
  • Network support tools so you’ll have a unified point of access to all of your data wherever it is in your network.
  • Document security tools to control user access and permissions.

This software provides endless options for handling cases, emails, files and documents of all kinds. Worldox can be fully customized for your law firm’s unique needs.


Clio is one of the most widely used legal practice management programs on the market today. They report having over 150,000 users in 90 countries. It offers everything a successful practice might need and a lot more.

Clio easily integrates with many other applications that law firms use such as Office 365. It has an extensive App Directory and open API (Application Programming Interface). The developers wanted to build a strong technology platform that you can build all your law practice programs on and most users agree they succeeded.

Easy Time Tracking

The Timekeeper helps all your employees track important deadlines and manage cases. You can capture all those billable hours, while managing your important documents in Clio. Plus, you can access your data via your desktop or mobile devices, including iOS and Android phones.

Easy Invoicing

Set up automated payment plans to ensure regular collections. When a payment is received, Clio will automatically update the status of any affected bills and accounts—your records remain current at all times. Clio Payments lets you receive payments to either a client’s trust or operating account.

Send e-bills via email or from your secure client portal so clients can pay you instantly. Invoicing with Clio is simple. Combine this feature with LawPay to make it easy for clients to pay online via credit card.

National Networks has a full suite of network programs and other resources that can help you monitor and maintain your technology. We take the stress out of the equation so you can run your company.

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Published on 8th April 2019 by Shawn Maggio