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Simplify Your IT Infrastructure With Our Server Virtualization Solutions

Relying on on-site server resources to store your company’s data is cumbersome. These operating systems feature significant upfront investments, need regular maintenance, and require additional storage devices when your business grows. Also, it decreases your flexibility and makes it challenging to meet the needs of the mobile workforce because employees must be in the office to access the network.

IT virtualization enables your organization to increase functionality by reducing a reliance on hardware and other on-site equipment. As a leading provider of IT solutions, National Networks offers desktop virtualization services that create and migrate information for your custom virtual data center. Our team works with your staff to transform your company’s traditional hardware into a combined virtual network that increases efficiency and productivity.

Components of Our Storage Virtualization Solutions

Finding the right IT virtualization provider is essential to getting the best solutions for your business. Virtual data centers are a recent innovation in the tech industry, and having an experienced company at your side provides peace of mind that your network-based server suits your needs. National Networks has more than two decades of experience and leverages our knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process. Unlike other managed service providers that look for areas to increase costs, we deliver customizable solutions that let you decide what you want under a fixed monthly price. Some of the components of our storage virtualization solutions include:


With National Networks as your partner, you can move your storage and desktop infrastructure to a cloud-based web portal. This allows you to increase available space at your office and makes it easier for employees to work remotely.


Securing your company’s private data is essential to your server virtualization solutions. Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to make sure your virtual storage infrastructure is protected from ongoing cyber threats.


Working with National Networks means you’re receiving expert services from a true partner. Our team oversees the migration process and offers technical support if something malfunctions.

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Advantages of Our Virtual Data Center Services

Scaling a business requires a delicate balance of enhancing operations while keeping costs low. On-site services make this challenging because business owners must regularly purchase and upgrade equipment. This is time-consuming and keeps workers from focusing on higher-value company tasks. With our virtual data center services, you can streamline various processes onto a virtual server that replicates the functionality of your original hardware. Some of the benefits of migrating your storage resources include:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of using virtual data center services over traditional on-site servers?

Virtual data center services offer enhanced scalability, increased productivity, and improved disaster recovery capabilities compared to traditional on-site servers. With virtualization, businesses can add employees and scale operations without significant hardware investments, reduce time spent on server maintenance, and ensure faster recovery in the event of a network failure.

How does National Networks ensure data protection for virtual storage infrastructure?

National Networks provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to ensure the security of your virtual storage infrastructure. Our cybersecurity measures are designed to protect your company's private data from ongoing cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your virtualized storage environment.

How does storage virtualization help reduce costs for my business?

Storage virtualization from National Networks eliminates the need for costly on-site server hardware and the associated maintenance expenses. By migrating your storage resources to a virtual server, you can scale your operations without incurring additional hardware costs and streamline processes to enhance efficiency.


Adding employees and enhancing operations using on-site storage servers requires purchasing and installing expensive equipment. Leveraging IT virtualization allows business owners to add to their staff and scale operations without increasing costs.


IT virtualization reduces the time employees spend maintaining and repairing physical servers. This enables them to spend more time on essential tasks and maximize overall productivity.


A major disadvantage to on-site equipment is they lack disaster recovery capabilities. Storage virtualization servers can be quickly copied and moved to a different location, making it easier for a business to resume operations after a network failure event.